TMS is an effective treatment for depression. For the majority of depression patients, TMS therapy can provide relief within 6 weeks. Most of the studies have been conducted in patients who have trialled at least one, and up to 14 antidepressants with remaining symptoms.

TMS success is equivalent across all patient groups. It is effective and safe regardless of your age, the duration of your illness, the number of medications tried, etc.

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At TMS Australia, we are focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We continually monitor progress. It allows us to ensure consistency of care, make sure that your treatment is working, and we keep your doctor up to date as well.

What does remission, response, and relapse mean?

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A 50% decrease (improvement) in the score on depression scales. Even though the scores are lower, symptoms are often still present and so you may still feel unwell. If the decrease in this score is between 25-50%, the response is defined as “partial”.


A measure of how well you feel. When remission is achieved, you experience few, if any, depression symptoms.


When your depression symptoms return soon after you enter remission.

Long term benefits of TMS therapy

If TMS works for you, there is a good chance the effects will last.

Continue to respond 12 months later

Continue to respond 12 months later

Patients who responded to TMS treatment remained in response 12 months later

Still achieve remission 12 months later

Still achieve remission 12 months later

Patients who achieved remission after TMS treatment remained in remission 12 months later

Patients re-respond to TMS therapy if there was a relapse

Patients re-respond to TMS therapy if there was a relapse

Patients who initially respond to TMS have a strong chance of reresponding to TMS if they relapse


TMS has a minimal side-effect profile

Because TMS is localised to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, it has fewer side effects than antidepressants or ECT.






How does TMS compare to antidepressants?

If you have tried 2 antidepressants, TMS therapy is twice more likely to be effective and durable without the side effects associated with medication.


TMS is not the same as ECT

TMS uses painless magnetic pulses on a specific of the brain, whereas in ECT electric currents and anaesthetics affect your whole body.

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